Säästöniemi briefly in english

Below is listed some brief information, rules and services provided by Säästöniemi Housing Company. 

1. History

Säästöniemi Housing Company buildings are designed by Touko Neronen being the first terrace apartment buildings in Helsinki. The unique form of buildings is designed to bring in extra light to the apartments interior and is exceptional in the city landscape.

2. Services available

Services provided by the Säästöniemi Housing Company to its residents are many. 

There are 2 kinds of Saunas in the buildings that are available for reservation by residents. In the basement of each building there is a Sauna with Swimming Pool. In the Attic of each building there is a terrace Sauna. The terrace Saunas of each building have a public Sauna for men and a Public Sauna for women in set times once a week. 

 There is a Laundry Room available in building 1, entrance near G stair. There are 2 large washing machines and 2 large dryers  and pressure washer to wash carpets. There is also a mangle and drying room. The key can be acquired from the property management office Vuo-Kiinteistöt Oy located at Tyynylaavantie 20. The laundry room is open until 8pm on mon-fri and 6pm on saturdays. Sundays it is closed. 

There is a gym in building 3 basement with modern gym equipment. It is free to use for the residents. The key needs to be purchased from the property manasement office. The gym is open until 9pm every night. Last one to leave closes doors and turns off the light. The gym is only for the residents of the building. 

The buildings have 158 parking spacs for residents. These can be rented from the property management office. The parking spaces as well as buildings are security camera monitored. 

The waste disposal bins are located at the end of each building. There is recycling bins for different kinds of waste. Large waste like car tires, defective household machinery, furniture etc. cannot be brought here, but needs to be recycled elsewhere by residents own. Housing Company provides 2 times a year larger waste bins available for this kind of material to be thrown away in spring and fall. 

Buildings have antenna-cable network. This means that antenna signal is modulated to form a cable network. Channels available are those from DTT providers and can be checked from Digita web pages. The Set Top Box needs to be able to receive the modulated signal. Please consult Your electronics Store when purchasing devices. 

3. Rules of the residents

Below in the link the basic rules for the residents are listed. As basics the quiet time is from  11pm until 6 am during which time all activity creating excess noise should be avoided.  

Rules for the residents

4. Services Nearby and additional information

There are many services a short distance away. 

In the building there is Dentist Service Hammasvelho in building 1. The closest grocery store is accross the street. The Shopping Center Columbus is located 500m away as is Lidl store in the other direction. 

The Bus Line 560 is close 100m away and subway station is 400 meters away as is Swimming Hall and Public Library. Closest Golf Course is at 1,5km distance as are ski-tracks in the winter time. 

The Säästöniemi Housing Company selects a Board from it's residents to govern renovations and running errands. The Board meets on monthly basis and all questions can be brought to the attention of the board through these webpages or contacting the Vuokiinteistöt Oy property management services.